Common Injuries Cyclists Face

When people think about cycling they don’t really associate it with injuries. The great thing about cycling is that it doesn’t have any impact on the joints like running does which does reduce the occurrence of injuries however they do happen. Here are some common injuries:-


Blisters can range from barely noticeable to a massive pain. People don’t usually consider them a big deal but if you have ever experienced a particularly bad blister you know that they can make even walking extremely painful and difficult. Blisters are most commonly the result of new or poorly fitting footwear. If you can’t seem to find suitable trainers to wear when cycling you may have to consider purchasing specialist cycling shoes instead.


Sprains and strains do happen in cycling most commonly in ankles, knees and hips. They are usually caused by poor positioning of your body. They can be a serious issue so don’t just think you can cycle through the pain and it will eventually go away. If you suffer from a sprain or strain consult a medical professional and take a few days off.

Bumps And Scrapes

If you cycle long enough you will eventually fall off or with your bike. This can lead to the very painful experience of sliding along a road leading to some nasty scrapes. It’s not usually something you have to see a doctor about but it is painful at the time and may need some treatment. Make sure you sterilise the wound to prevent infection and to properly dress it so that it can heal correctly.

Foot Arch Discomfort

If you are new to cycling it’s not too uncommon to experience some discomfort in the arch of your foot this comes about from using your feet to pedal the bike. If you experience this try massaging your feet after cycling as well as finding footwear that provides more support. Specialist cycling shoes are ideal for this as they have special foot and arch support features.

How To Choose A Bike Seat

Choosing the correct bike seat is paramount to having a long and enjoyable biking career. If you have ever been cycling on the wrong seat you will know that even a very brief ride can quickly turn from a great idea to a painful and uncomfortable experience.

When it comes to a good or bad seat there is no one size fits all, it will vary from person to person depending on their gender, size, proportions etc. The perfect bicycle seat doesn’t exist however some brands are more comfortable than others.

Perhaps the biggest and most common mistake that a new cyclist will make is to choose a seat that is bigger and has a lot of padding. On the surface this seems to make sense but it doesn’t work that way. A bigger seat will lead to more surface contact and therefore more friction will occur and thus more pain. You should instead choose a seat that is smaller so that the surface area that is in contact with your bum is in fact smaller.

In terms of padding the rules aren’t quite so strict. The bike seat should only have padding where you will natural come into contact with the seat such as wear your left and right buttocks actually make contact with the seat. There isn’t any reason to have padding on other parts of the seat, simply because your bum does not come into contact with those areas.

In terms of the shape of the seat a woman should choose one that is slightly wider due to the differences in anatomy compared to that of a man. There are some seats that have openings in the middle this can help to minimise friction between the seat and your genitalia to improve comfort.

These are just guidelines and are not a substitute for actually going to a bike shop and trying out the bike seat you want to buy in person. Most shops have employees that are very knowledgeable and who can help you with your purchase and make suggestions based on your needs.